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Box 42 Associates


  • Working Structure Fires (Dwellings, Commercial, Industrial Buildings, Etc)
  • Multiple Alarms (2nd, 3rd alarms, Etc)
  • Mutual Aid Requests
  • Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Explosions
  • Train Derailments
  • Line of Duty Deaths
  • Serious or Multiple Injuries to Fire personnel
  • Major Accidents involving Fire Apparatus
  • All fire related activities statewide with an emphasis on Southeastern Michigan and Windsor, Ontario, Canada area

Detroit Fire

Detroit Fire Department - Updated 09/24/08 To continue to receive DFD Fires you must request to be added to the Detroit Group. After 10/08/08 only Multiple Alarm Fires or Fires with extenuating circumstances will be paged to the normal fire group. Contact FNNM to be added to the Detroit Group.

New Detroit Fire Group:
  • Anything Goes Detroit Fire's Anything Detroit FD related Box Alarms, Specials, Stills with extenuating circumstance.


Fire Group: (Regular Fire Group With Only Receive These Incidents From Detroit)
  • Detroit Box's with anything above Extra Engine & Truck (Fires with Extra Engine, Truck and Squad but not an extra alarm yet)
  •  Any Detroit Fire reported as a Doubtful Fire
  •  All Detroit Extra Alarm Fires (2nd Alarm and Above)
  •  Any Hazmat Incident over a Level 1 Hazmat


  • Shootings
  • Homicides
  • Major Crimes
  • Discovered Bodies
  • Bank Robberies
  • Armed Robberies
  • SWAT / Special Response Teams
  • Bomb Squad
  • K-9 Team Requests
  • Long Running Police Pursuits
  • Stolen police vehicles and other law enforcement related activities involving local, county, and state agencies.

EMS / Rescue

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents requiring Extrication
  • Air Ambulance / Medical Helicopter Requests
  • Car vs Train Accidents
  • Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI's)
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • High Angle Team Responses
  • Major Industrial Accidents
  • Lost or Missing Persons
  • Water / Ice Rescues
  • Any major EMS activity

Severe Weather

  • National Weather Service Issued...
    - Severe Weather Watches
    - Severe Weather Warnings
    - Weather Advisories
    - Special Weather Statements

Got a breaking incident? Call our tip line at 1-800-556-9111.


Do you have a problem? Have a question about our application process, Give us a call at 1-888-PSC-0911 or fax us your questions at 1-877-616-9334. Our mailing address is:
Fire Notification Network / P.O. Box 1312 / Warren, MI  48090-1312

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