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Becoming a Dispatcher

Our current staff of dispatchers come from all walks of life...we have Firefighters, Police Officers, several career Public Safety Dispatchers as well as fire buffs and many people who just share an interest of monitoring public safety communications.  Some of our staff are members of amateur radio 'skywarn' groups who provide spotters for severe weather activity. Several are Firefighters who call in information on incidents they just worked at upon completing their duties. Our staff resides throughout the metro Detroit area, from high above downtown Detroit to downriver, from St. Clair county to the western suburbs, night and day, we have members who are listening for activity.

Technology plays a major role in how we are able to operate our network. While many of our members use only one scanner to primarily monitor activity in their own city or area, we have several members who employ tall free standing towers and hi-gain antennas feeding multiple radios to keep abreast of communications throughout metro Detroit.

All of our dispatchers are volunteers

If you are interested in becoming a dispatcher or would like more information, please contact Garry Watts at fnnm400@fnnm.net

Got a breaking incident? Call our tip line at 1-800-556-9111.


Do you have a problem? Have a question about our application process, Give us a call at 1-888-PSC-0911 or fax us your questions at 1-877-616-9334. Our mailing address is:
Fire Notification Network / P.O. Box 1312 / Warren, MI  48090-1312

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