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Welcome to the Fire Notification Network of Michigan. We specialize in the timely paging of public safety events and severe weather warnings as they happen live from confirmed sources. Our experienced and diverse dispatch staff pages incidents which are major, breaking stories and not minor, every day occurrences. We can provide alerting to your choice of text messaging to MOST cell phone providers, Email and American Messaging alphanumeric pagers. Our alphanumeric paging providers assures us of providing near 99 % paging coverage throughout Michigan so your sure to get the incidents you want when you need them.


For Detroit Fire Department Pages - Updated 09/24/08 To continue to receive DFD Fires you must request to be added to the Detroit Group. After 10/08/08 only Multiple Alarm Fires or Fires with extenuating circumstances will be paged to the normal fire group. Contact FNNM to be added to the Detroit Group.  See: WHAT WE PAGE FOR MORE INFO


Got a breaking incident? Call our tip line at 1-800-556-9111.

So what will you find on this web site? Hopefully, everything you need to know about the FNNM Paging Service. Just point to any of the menu selections on the left for a brief description. Click on any to view that page. The FNNM Home link will always bring you back here. Want to know what we page? Check out the "What We Page" section. Want to know what our services cost? It can be found in the "Price List" section.

Submit your tip by telephone to our 24 hour toll free Tip Line (1-800-556-9111) Please be sure to include these items in your page or call...

  • City or township

  • County (if outside the Southeast Michigan area)

  • The numerical address with cross streets if available

  • Size up of situation

  • Any mutual aid or assistance requests

If telephoning your tip, please speak clearly and annunciate any unusual or uncommon street names or locations. Remember, you may always update or finalize any tips as applicable.


Do you have a problem? Have a question about our application process, Give us a call at 1-888-PSC-0911 or fax us your questions at 1-877-616-9334. Our mailing address is:
Fire Notification Network / P.O. Box 1312 / Warren, MI  48090-1312

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